Live PD Police Patrol Season 1 Episode 1

Live PD season 1, episode 1, police patrol aired on May 17, 2017, on A&E and you can watch here. The episode features events with a dangerous highway pursuit in Phoenix, a wild bull on the loose in Texas, a drunk driver in South Carolina, and a car theft ring in Tulsa. I found this episode not only suspenseful but, also hilarious. I cannot get the old lady out of my head when she said well she’s gonna be my baby mama. I could not find a viewable copy on Youtube.

Man Fleeing Police on highway

In the opening scene, there was a high-speed chase on a highway. Trooper James Casey was able to lay spike strips down and the driver hit them. Catching up with the vehicle quickly, the young man driving the SUV decided to get out and start running. By the time the cameras caught up, other officers had caught the young man and had him on the ground. When they pulled him up the man had blood on his face. How did he get that? Apparently, he was tased and mostly got the injury when he fell to the ground. What do you think? On a side note, Trooper Casey nearly lost his life in 2015 from being shot in the face.


In Texas;

Now I am a big animal lover and this scene of a wild bull on the loose because of the owner not making sure his fence was adequate made me a little sick. The police had the bull pinned down on the side of a house and I saw an officer throw some type of weapon at the bull’s legs. What did he do this for? After a brief struggle, the experts (bull’s owners) were able to lasso and contain the bull. What do you think?


Richland County South Carolina

Now, this was a funny scene to witness, even the officer said it was the funniest call he had ever been on. Police decide to pull over a truck with a suspended plate. The truck pulled over and as soon as the other officer approached the passenger side. The passenger of the vehicle threw a beer out the window and almost hit the officer. Very soon the officers were overcome with hilarious gestures from the two men. I remember the driver saying he was riding dirty, lol. The laughs did not stop when the passenger states “I can walk!!” and then proceeds to try. I would have had to let these guys go. The way I see it is this is their night out to enjoy life. What do you think?

My Baby Mama

In Florida;

Police pull over a silver SUV because he noticed a girl driving that he knew did not have a license. Once he got the car the girl had tried to move to the backseat, claiming she was not driving. After arresting the girl, the officer tries to find out the two elderly passengers story and somewhere along the line, he asked who the girl was to them. The elderly lady said, “Well she gonna be my baby mama.” I really don’t know what happened after that as I lost it, lol.

Car Theft Ring

In Tulsa, Oklahoma;

Officer Chad Blackwell was called out for an unknown reason to a location of where when he arrived, a vehicle took off one way and a man on foot took off another way. They followed the vehicle and caught him without incident. They did retrieve another man from inside a home. Once inside the car, the second individual started calling everyone pussies and so on. They did update that more charges were put on the loud mouth young guy.

Unfortunately, the show ended!!!!

I want to hear your opinion about this episode and all of the scenes. You can leave a comment below.

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