Live PD Season 1 Episode 2 Police Patrol


Live PD season 1 episode 2, Police Patrol, Episode  #105, aired on May 19, 2017, and you can watch here. In this episode, you will see a guy brandishing a bb gun and almost got shot, the crack eater, truck full of weed, women with warrants, and a high-speed chase.


Bridgeport Connecticut;

Sgt Chris Robinson gets a call involving a man with a gun. After finding a man hiding behind houses, he then leads the police to where he dropped his gun. It was a bb gun he had just purchased. When cops confronted him he pulled it out and almost got shot.


Richland County South Carolina;

After pulling over a driver for reckless driving the occupant then fights with officers and is able to swallow crack cocaine. Can that get him off? Because if it does not, I am bewildered on why he would do that.



Sgt Mary Kaye Lucas called on the scene of possible narcotics trafficking. What they find when they get back to undisclosed location is mind blowing.


Midland County Texas;

Dep Andrew Shephard pulls a vehicle over with a broken headlight. Two women in the car turn out to have warrants and the two men were taken to jail because a dollar bill was found in the car with cocaine residue on it. He then tested the straw the other occupant was chewing and it had cocaine residue. All four went to jail and while being searched the gentleman with the straw was found to have more cocaine hiding in his bunghole (Damn).


Kentucky @kspsafetytown;

Dep Andrew Stidham gets involved in a police chase where speeds reached up to 107 mph. To go with all his felony charges there were open containers in the vehicle. I am guessing he got rid of the bad stuff before being caught because really no reason to run from police for open containers.

Did you know you can test your blood alcohol level before you drive? Visit the link to view.


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