Live PD Season 1 Episode 3 Police Patrol

Live PD season 1 episode 3 #106 aired on May 19, 2017, and you can watch here. In this episode, you will see a man accused of domestic violence try to run, an old man with a stolen tag, the happy camper, fun group chilling at the gas station, and the almost got away guy.



Dep Khaliqa Wheatley was serving a domestic violence warrant and upon arrival at the home of the arrestee, he did not seem surprised and asked if he could just say goodbye to his kids. Once he said goodbye to his kids he took off running (with no shoes on). He did not make it far as he tripped over his own feet and the deputies immediately surrounded him. Giving certain types of people the benefit of the doubt did not work out for Khaliqa in this case.



Trooper James Casey pulled up to a vehicle with a stolen tag and had called in the troops along with a helicopter before he tried to pull this poor old man over. Having gotten the tag from his work he was dumbfounded as to what was going on. Trooper Casey wound up confiscating the plate and letting the man drive home, I believe without a plate.



Sgt Steven Salas pulled over a motor-home because he said it looked like it was weaving all over the road.  Having a nice older lady that did not seem impaired in the camper apparently, Steve knew something we did not as he had a canine available to do a quick drug search of the vehicle. Steve did not look surprised when the canine hit on the passenger side door. For some other reason, he opened the side of the vehicle because I did not see the dog hit there where he found a large quantity of Marijuana. To me, this looked like someone tipped them off to this vehicle.


South Carlina;

Sgt Steven Tapler was called out to a gas station where a suspicious vehicle was reported. The officer immediately could tell these guys and gals were not doing drugs or causing issues. He proceeded to have a friendly and funny conversation with the group. The girls in the back were excited about the cameras.



Gang unit cruising around a parking lot in an apartment complex spots two men in a vehicle and they decide to stop and check them out. One of the occupants was overly supportive of the officers and their actions while the driver tried to escape the officers grasp as he had a gun in the vehicle along with some marijuana.


I thought the officers in Tulsa were wearing some cool tactical gear and looked it up on Amazon here.






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