Live PD Season 1 Episode 4 Police Patrol

Live PD Season 1 Episode 4 police patrol aired on May 19, 2017, and you can watch here. In this episode, you will see a stolen police car, heroin in a spare tire, a man caught with a male prostitute, a street racer, and a man shot in the chest.



Sgt Eddie Golding joins the pursuit of a stolen car. The first respondent got in a foot chase and somehow was overpowered losing his weapon and then his car. The stolen police car ended up impaled on a fence (in the picture) and the perpetrator was taken down by a female officer as seen in the episode. This was exciting, just wish they had cameras there during the foot chase.

To avoid theft of a vehicle “The Club” is a good deterrent and can be found here.



Sgt Steve Salas makes a traffic stop on a car that was following too close to another vehicle. The driver had no drivers license and I don’t know how but, he knew there were drugs in the car and had a canine come sniff it out. Not finding anything they resort to known areas and found a large amount of heroin inside of the spare tire. This was another scene I thought the police had prior info on this driver.


South Carolina;

Lt Danny Brown pulls up on guys sitting in a car. Searching the driver a bag of marijuana fell out of his pants. Unfortunately for the driver he also had a known male prostitute in the car and his girlfriend was on way to find out why.



Trooper James Casey catches up to street racer and slyly boxes him in. The driver winds up getting out of the felony fleeing charges because the police car did not have its lights on. This guy got lucky.

Sean Larkin and Little Robbie on LivePD


Sgt Sean “Sticks” Larkin arrives on the scene where Little Robbie has been robbed and shot in the chest by a group of hang members, in a maroon Taurus. The victim did make a full recovery but refused to talk to police afterward as they were trying to catch the shooter.  It’s a sad world some have to live in, (In Fear).




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