Live PD Season 1 Episode 10 Police Patrol

Live PD Season 1 Episode 10 Police Patrol aired on May 26, 2017, and you can watch here. In this episode, you will see a car chase turn into naked woman pursuit, bicyclist makes a wrong move and deputy draw his gun, new deputies car gets baptized, drunk driving rollover accident, and a gang shooting.


South Carolina;

Senior Deputy Chris Mastrianni is involved in a car chase turned foot pursuit of a naked woman in 30-degree temperatures. Apparently, she had smoked crack and it played a role in her decision.

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Dep Chad Biernacki pulled over this down on his luck man because he was riding his bike on the wrong side of the road when there were no cars around and it was early in the morning. Chad asked the gentleman for his ID and the guy pulled out his wallet then Chad overreacted and drew his gun. He was clearly grandstanding for the cameras and using this poor man as bait. The man clearly had more sense than the deputy. If I drew my gun every time someone reached in their pocket I am pretty sure I would be in jail.


South Carolina;

Master Dep Mark Laureano is shadowing a new patrolman. For some reason, this deputy had a gentleman in his car. This guy had to pee and did it right in the car. It was funny to watch this new deputy almost lose his cool.

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Sgt Bart Smith witnessed a rollover accident with a drunk driver. Thankfully, the driver was not seriously injured, but he was worried about his job.

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Sgt Chris Robinson is responding to shots fired call. When on the scene he discovers a wrecked vehicle with one shot individual in the driver’s seat. This was a gang-related incident. The driver was critically shot in the neck. Did not hear about on if he recovered or not.

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