Live PD Season 1 Episode 7 Police Patrol

Live PD Season 1 Episode 7 Police Patrol aired on May 20, 2017, and you can watch here on A&E. You will see a car pursuit with cocaine being thrown out the window, a search warrant at a residence, suspected prostitution, a foot chase, and a missing child that wandered away from home.



South Carolina;

Dep Kevin Lawrence is in a high-speed pursuit of a vehicle and during the chase, you can see the passenger of the vehicle throwing drugs out of the window. Unfortunately, for the driver, he forgot a baggy of cocaine on driver’s seat (Oops). The driver did not stop until he got to his home and said he was told that if his car is at his residence the police will not impound the vehicle (Wrong).

Here is a link to anti-drug apparel.



Sean Sticks Larkin serving a search warrant invaded this poor families house. You can see how visibly shaken the woman was in the clip. Guns were found at the residence and her son eventually turned himself in.



Dep James Casey pulls a vehicle over for suspected prostitution. The John got off easy as he did not admit to exchanging money. Unfortunately, for the suspected prostitute she had warrants and had to make a visit to the county jail.

Here is a link for protection when caught in this type of circumstance.



Sgt Ryan Rogers was patrolling an area known for gang activity and all of a sudden this guy see’s them and starts running. Once they caught the suspect he said he ran because he had warrants. This guy clearly needed an energy drink.



Beautiful Ofc Ashley Taylor is called in, to assist with a missing child wandering the streets. After going door to door for what seemed like awhile another officer was finally able to locate a family that was missing a child. The mom said she was sleeping and the child must have snuck out. The father was in the apartment, but don’t think he had an excuse as to how the child got out without him knowing.

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