Live PD Season 1 Episode 9 Police Patrol

Live PD Season 1 Episode 9 Police Patrol aired on May 26, 2017, and you can watch LivePD on A&E here. In this episode, you will see a car and foot chase, a lady sets up her ex with a restraining order violation, a bike rider that bolts and then changes mind, a search warrant for Little Robbie’s house, possible homicide investigation.




Sean sticks Larkin is involved in a foot chase where the driver took off and passenger stayed in the vehicle. The driver was caught and when they got back to car realized the passenger also fled. They did catch the passenger, but I believe only the driver was taken to jail for driving a stolen vehicle. The owner of the stolen vehicle showed up as the thief was being hauled off and the thief yelled out to the owner to fix his muffler. (LOL)



South Carolina;

Dep Stephen Tapler was called to the hotel where apparently there was a fight in a room. Apparently, a woman had called her ex over to pay rent and just after that called the police to say he was fighting with her. She has a restraining order against him. Long story short the woman set him up to be taken to jail. When the guy was cuffed by police the woman was teasing him behind their back. The man took off towards her and jumped through the window of the room she was in. This was pretty intense and I am saddened that she could set him up like that, and get away with it.



Dep Chad Biernacki pulls up to a bicyclist rider and the rider then runs into the woods. After a short run, the rider gives up and lets himself be caught. (Genius way to get another charge).



Deputies are serving a search warrant at Little Robbie’s house and discover multiple weapons in which he should not have. He was shot in an earlier episode in front of his house. I believe they did this for Robbie’s good so he would not retaliate against the gang members that shot him. Robbie shows up to be taken to jail.

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South Carolina;

Steven Tapler responds to a home where there is a possible homicide. There was a deceased male in the back bathroom and the roommate was arrested. Apparently, the roommate had no clue the male had been dead for some time and was eventually released.

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