Live PD Season 1 Episode 5 Police Patrol

Live PD season 1 episode 5, aired May 19, 2017, and you can watch here on A&E. In this episode, you will see a cat appearance, a man with a gun trying to pull on officers, a passenger in vehicle peeing himself, juveniles fleeing wrecked car, baby not breathing.




Dep Chad Biernacki pulls over a vehicle and out pops a driver with a cat on his shoulders (Really). The driver wound up going home because he only had a small amount of marijuana. The passenger tried to conceal a bowl in his butt crack and wound up going to jail.

Try getting your cat some toys to play with here to keep it off your shoulder.



Ofc Justin Beal and Stephen Blaylock investigate a suspicious vehicle in known drug area of an apartment complex. There is four gentleman inside the car and all cooperated except for one. As soon as he was pulled out of the car he tried to run but, was quickly tackled and put in a reverse choke hold just like MMA. With assistance from the other officer, they were able to stop the guy from pulling out the gun and shooting them. This was intense. Here is a link to the book to learn MMA.



Dep Robert Strahan pulled over a car that was smoking. The driver of the vehicle had no drivers license, smelled like beer, and had a pipe. When the passenger was asked to exit the vehicle he came out peeing his pants. Both were transported to jail. Guess he had to go!



Sean “Sticks” Larkin was assisting with a fleeing car. The car crashed into a house and all five juveniles tried escaping and hiding out, but were apprehended. There was a gun found but no one admitted to having, so no one was charged. As he was walking back to his car Sticks got a kick out of stepping in a puddle and drenching his feet. Fourteen years old folks. Here is a link to waterproof socks Mr. Sticks.



Cpl Erik Elliott responds to a scene where a baby is not breathing. The baby was left in the tub for a second and fell over swallowing water. On the way to the hospital, the baby was brought back to life and threw up all the water in the stomach. Congrats to everyone involved! If this happens to you here is a brief explanation on what to do other than calling trained medical personnel.


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