Live PD Season 1 Episode 6 Police Patrol

Live PD Season 1 Episode 6 Police Patrol aired on A&E May 20, 2017, and you can watch here. In this episode, you will see a car chase, traffic accident with a drunk woman that hates Trump and America, a dispute in street between friends that could have been deadly, an old man tried to run over neighbors, and an elderly man stabbed by an ex-girlfriend in throat and chest.


Dep Kevin Lawrence assisted with a car chase for a vehicle in which the tag did not match the vehicle. When the driver could not move anymore because he had lost a tire due to spikes, he tried to run. When asked why he ran he said he was scared and didn’t know the police were chasing him. I would be out there looking for whatever he got rid of in the morning.

Here is a link to new tires.



Dep Oscar D’Lassalas responds to a traffic accident where he smells alcohol on the person that caused the accident. Once he tells the older lady that he will be doing a sobriety test she refuses and starts to yell that she hates America and Trump. It was obvious and they took her to jail.

Here is a link to a sobriety test, so you can know before you drive.


South Carolina;

Sgt Steven Tapler @sgtstephentapler was called to a disturbance in front of a house. After surveying the scene and learning that one had a gun Steven allows the individuals to talk their differences out. This could have been worse if police did not arrive when they did.



Dep Damon Byrd was called out to a domestic disturbance where a guy tried to run-over another person for cutting down a tree. Unfortunately, for the deputies, the elderly man had women’s underwear and a used rubber in his pocket. When asked why he said his wife would kill him if he took them home.


South Carolina;

Sgt Steven Tapler responds to an assault with a deadly weapon call. Finding an elderly man stabbed by his ex-girlfriend not only in the chest but also in the neck. The elderly man did make a full recovery and the assailant was apprehended and charged with attempted murder.


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