LivePD Season 1 Episode 11 Police Patrol

LivePD Season 1 Episode 11 Police Patrol aired on May 26, 2017, and you can view it here on A&E. In this episode, you will see the aftermath of a car chase and foot chase ended by a taser, man taking out the trash and gets arrested, single vehicle accident alcohol-related, domestic disturbance call by a disturbed man, and a moped police chase at slow speeds.



Sgt Chris Robinson was pulled over tending to another vehicle and he dropped everything to join in on a car chase. The car crashed then a foot chase ensued. The chase was ended when the alleged car thief was hit with a taser and immobilized.



Ofc Juan Mercado was driving by a home and noticed a man he knew had warrants taking out the trash. Not going down easily the man tried to get rid of some marijuana he had in his pants. To make things worse, the sister came out and agitated the man. Ofc Mercado seemed to know this guy as he had no patience with him.

Drunk Driving


Dep Tim Mohler Twitter @timmohler175 responded to a single vehicle accident. Unfortunately, for the driver, she was very intoxicated. She blew a 2.42, but, I thought she did ok with the tests. This poor mother of two will not have an easier life after this. People even though you seem fine it is not worth driving after drinking.



Ofc Juan Mercado Twitter @juanmercado271 responds to a domestic disturbance. Apparently, the gentleman that called the police has some serious issues. He wound up leaving without even telling them why he called. Ironically this same man was arrested the next day for impersonating a police officer. The officers handled this the best they could.



Sgt Jeremy Church is involved in a moped police chase. Yes, you heard me right! The moped driver was able to get away on foot, but, thankfully for a worried citizen, the police were able to locate the driver where he had dropped a bag of marijuana into a drain.

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