LivePD Season 1 Episode 12 Police Patrol

LivePD Season 1 Episode 12 Police Patrol aired on May 26, 2017, and you can view it here on A&E. In this episode, you will see, a forty-year-old police officer ran down a teenager that had a gun, a lady doing whip-its while driving, white male shot in the back of the head, a passenger on a mission, gang-related shooting at a party with multiple victims.

police catches young man


Ofc Josh Dupler pulled up to two suspicious teenagers and one of them took off running. Apparently, the officer just had an energy drink as he taunted the teen that he was going to catch him and he did. Yes, this police officer chased down a teenager. The teenager ran because he had a gun.

Whip-Its lady


Dep Chad Biernacki pulled over a vehicle that was driving erratically where he would soon find out that this woman had a bag full of whip-its. She seemed and acted like a normal person other than the effects of the co2. She was taken in for DUI. I personally did not know this was a thing.

Shot in head.


Sean “Sticks” Larkin was called out to assist a gang-related shooting victim where the perpetrator promised to come back and finish the job. Pictured is a young man shot in the back of the neck while sleeping on a bench because of a gang tattoo on his neck. As far as I know, the victim recovered.



Dep Khaliqa Wheatley pulled over a car without its head lamps on. Once stopped, the passenger bolted and was not caught. Khaliqa had to stay with the driver (I Think). After the incident, she hinted that she knew who the individual was and he will be caught eventually.



Ofc Jorge Larregui was called to a location where there had been a gang-related shooting with multiple victims (I believe 5). It turns out this started as a fight inside and worked its way outside. The incident indoors was caught on camera and police are hopeful they will eventually get the shooters.

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