Live PD Rap Sheet Season 1 Episode 1

Live PD Rap Sheet Season 1 Episode 1 aired on November 7, 2016, and you can watch it on Youtube here. In this episode, you will see the guy with a cat on his shoulder, bad car accident with injury, two men that booked from a safety checkpoint, Sean Larkin getting an ear-full, weed bust, female that should have been taken to jail, domestic dispute where father chokes mother, fake shots fired call, domestic dispute.



A man was pulled over for driving at a high-rate speed and with his hazard lights on.


In Florida, Chad Biernacki pulled a man over for not having a working tag light. The man gave permission to search the car where he forgot he had a can of marijuana wax (I don’t even know what that is). He wound up getting off, without a ticket. I believe mainly because of his cat and Chad did not want to have to handle the feline. His passenger was being searched and a pipe was found in his butt crack. He was taken to jail for tampering.


In Connecticut, officers respond to a bad accident where a woman was injured. The show never went back, so I have no idea what happened.


In South Carlina, two men abandoned their vehicle at a safety checkpoint (DUI Checkpoint) and one was found hiding in the woods nearby. Police guess they were getting rid of drugs, but, the show never went back to the scene to see what happened.


In Oklahoma, Sean Sticks Larkin was in pursuit of an assault with a deadly weapon suspect. The suspect is accused of firing a gun during a fight between ten-year-olds. They did get the guy and after some questioning inside of the car, they let him go. They did not give any reasoning.


Still, in Oklahoma, Sean Larkin pulls up to a guy who he thought was in a gang. The guy was not happy about the harassment and let Sean know about it. I have to say Sean deserved this lashing as the guy was not doing anything. Even if he was in a gang or not.


In South Carolina, Officers noticed a smell of weed coming from a car of a traffic stop. A passenger had a large amount of money and an ounce of weed in his pocket. He also had warrants for probation and parole violation.

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In Utah, Officer David Moreno apparently caught some flack about not arresting a woman that had cocaine, heroin, and a suspended license. His reasoning was that the jail is overcrowded at the moment and they were only booking felons. He did impound her car though.


In Connecticut, officers were called to a house for domestic violence by a boy that said his father was choking his mother and he had guns. The woman denied the claim but police saw evidence on her neck and arrested him. They also found 3 firearms in his house making it a felony.


Still, in Connecticut, officers responded to shots fired call. The suspects that fit the description, of a guy in a hoodie, from the caller were just on their porch having a small get together. They were friendly and cooperative. Apparently, this was a fake call.

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In Florida, officers respond to a domestic call. All that was shown on the show was police trying to search an overzealous woman mad that she can’t kick her habit because of her man.

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