Sean Sticks Larkin of Live PD

Self-proclaimed “I’m Just A Regular Guy” Sean Sticks Larkin is a 43-year-old Sgt in the (Jump Out Boys) Tulsa gang unit. Sean has a younger brother and sister and everyone in his family Mom, Dad, Bro, and sis have all been in the military. He has been in public service for 19 years and in the gang unit for 13 years. His parents divorced when he was in high school and that is when he moved to Tulsa. Sean has two kids named Alyssa and Nathan from his first marriage.

Sean Sticks Larkin
Gift From UK Fan.

Picture from Instagram

Can you picture Sean with a mullet?

During his internship with the police, he was involved in a chase and helped tackle a suspect. When he got up an actual officer said “Hey Sticks” you can’t do that you’re not the police and the nickname has been with him ever since. When he was younger, he always wanted to be involved with the drugs and gangs.

I am not really sure, but I believe I read somewhere he recently got married. Sean if you read this, the ladies must know. It is the most asked question about you.

It is sometimes hard for me to watch the show and see how people are assumed to be doing wrong. I feel those individuals rights were broken and then I have to remind myself that Sean has seen and dealt with these people in the past and knows when they are up to no-good. He does not do it for himself, he does it to keep the streets safer.

With the Tulsa Police Dept ending its contract with A&E, we will no longer see Mr. Larkin and crew on the shows. You will be missed, especially by the ladies, and keep up the good work. If the Tulsa Police Department thinks it is being misrepresented, from live footage, then maybe an adjustment needs to be made to their policies and procedures.

Larkin interaction with Wallace

Picture from via A&E

One of the more controversial scenes on Live PD was a simple question that any law abiding citizen would be happy to tell and talk about. He pulled up to a man that was wearing gang colors in a known gang area and asked: “Whats in the trunk?” The man felt he was being profiled and claimed racism. He then went on a tantrum and completely overwhelmed Sean. Sean tried a couple times to de-escalate the situation to no avail and wound up just agreeing with him to end the conversation and get away.

Sean Larkin and Little Robbie on LivePD

Picture from via A&E

Another scene on Live PD is where Sean Sticks Larkin responds to a man shot call and he knows the victim Little Robbie. Both Larkin and Little Robbie had no idea if he was going to live or not and Little Robbie asks Larkin to hold his hand. The Sgt obliged and talked with him until he was loaded into the ambulance.

Sean Sticks Larkin Picture
How do you balance that assault rifle on the back of your head?

Picture from Instagram

If you want a pair of black rimmed glasses, like Sean, you can find them here.

Sean Cory Larkin

(@Sean_C_Larkin) on Twitter

(@sean_c_larkin) on Instagram

Even found a group on Facebook called We Love Sargeant Sean “Sticks” Larkin

All of the information obtained in this post was gathered from various sites online like A&E, Twitter, Youtube,,, and Instagram  If there are any typo’s or mistakes please contact the author.


  1. That really sucks that Tulsa has pulled out of the contract. I actually liked Sean larkin. He was a good addition on the show an was really nice seeing a laid back police officer that acted like us normal people. Down to earth an knowledgeable. It’s a great loss. Gonna miss seeing you Sean. Good luck an stay safe

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  2. Sticks! It sucks that you no longer will be on live pd. You are freaking awesome and my all time favorite. I cant wait to see the new show that you host. I hope that you will come back to live pd. I wish you the best of luck and safety. And luck with the new show. Also i think we all wpuld like to see a lip sync battle with you and your co workers. Also the rest of the officers that are on the live pd show. That would be awesome.

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  3. I am curious if you will be starting a new show. I have some common former employment shall we say. Don’t care if you’re married. You live in the land of tornado’s. Be safe in your employment and keep your eye on the sky.


  4. Sticks & Cohor Please understand that breaching the shell of a turtle or tortoise is animal abuse.They should not have this animal.If an officer or sheriff is not clear on the situation then google it .Also identify species and handle appropriately. Animal neglect & abuse are out of control in US…It is vital officers be the first defenders and not joke about it.You guys are great and if u r leaving Sticks,I am sorry to see u go.Maybe you can do something good for animals.My brother is a fellow brother….retired now.Stay safe & stick up for the creatures who came before us and share their habitats with us.We are not as gracious as the animals are.Please defend those who can not speak for themselves.Keep doing good and stay safe.

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  5. WHAT ??????? NO STICKS????? omg what the heck.their loss sticks. Definitely will be watching live cams your hosting. glad to see youll still be on t,v,. You definitely help us understand whats going on when it happens.Thank You, Oh would love to have a signed photo of you .


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