Trooper James Casey of Live PD

Arizona State Trooper James Casey has been in the public service industry for approximately 17 years. He is a fan favorite on the hit show Live PD. James is Married and has two boys named Cameron and Brandon. His oldest son always wanted to be a police officer, like his dad, until the day he was shot. Now that James has recovered and is on Live PD, the curiosity has once again arisen.

Trooper James Casey
Courtesy James Casey’s Twitter

I am sorry James Casey, but the wall art needs some work. Before becoming an Arizona trooper James spent 8 years with Pittsfield Police Department.

On the show, I am always in awe over James Casey’s demeanor. He is a veteran that excels at what he does. Keep up the good work Mr. Casey. Rumor has it Mr. Casey will not be filming anymore after this year.


James Casey
Courtesy Live PD Nation

I found interesting information on the Arizona Department of Public Safety Wikipedia page. Check it out!!!

A little-known fact is that James Casey was once a detective.

James Casey Shooter
Suspected shooters Courtesy ABC 15

In October of 2014, James Casey was shot in the face (cheek), with a 357 Magnum, during a routine traffic stop at approximately 3 a.m. in the morning. The alleged shooter (left) and an accomplice pictured above. Missing 18 months of work and more than 15 surgeries later the Trooper was glad to be back on the streets. Ironically, James credits his life to a book he read (Victim: The Other Side of Murder by Gary Kinder), in which there was a chapter of when a man shot in the head spoke to himself reciting the multiplication table. James was not able to do that, but he was able to repeat the name of his family there with him in his head. I was unable to find much information on the case against Bueno, but I did find a page where it said a Ramon Bueno is currently incarcerated for aggravated assault, here is the link.

For cool police gear and accessories visit this link.

Fan page on Facebook for Trooper James Casey.

Twitter- @TPR_James_Casey

Trooper Casey Fan Club Website.





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