Deputy Chris Mastrianni From Live PD

Chris MastrianniAn in-depth look at Deputy Chris (Fastrianni) Mastrianni of Richland County South Carlina. He is a  popular member on the hit show Live PD on A&E. Chris is a 27-year old former wrestler, who married Kaylee in New York, in 2015. He also has a bachelors degree in criminal justice, which he received from Western New England University in 2012. Not to mention a member of a community action team.

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Chris Mastrianni
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Chris Mastrianni was also on the tv show COPS as you can see in the video.

From everything that I have read, Chris seems to be a dedicated family man and a dedicated servant to his community. Keep up the great work Chris Mastrianni. he is also active on Twitter, so stop by and say hello. I have his handle below. Chris, to go along with the teddy bears in your trunk. Here are some books on how to be a dad. Maybe hand those out also?

Chris Mastrianni

A look at the very disturbing video of when Chris Mastrianni had to fight Bryan Martin, not just to apprehend a subject but to also save a babies life. I can only imagine what this man was going to do with that baby. Notice when Chris first gets to the car, the man seemed to be swinging the baby around recklessly. Some have ridiculed the deputies take down of the man with the girl in his arms. I believe the takedown was done in the least hurtful way for the child and was needed to immobilize this Bryan Martin. For all the onlookers that would not help Chris when he was calling for help. Shame on you! He will not do that to you.

Is there a law somewhere, where if you do not help someone in distress you can be arrested?

With the positive public approval for his actions in the video, Chris threw out the first pitch at a Columbia Fireflies game. Sign that man up!!!!

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Some of Chris Mastrianni’s social names pages can be found below.

Twitter- @MastrianniChris


Kaylee & Chris Mastrianni Wedding Site



    • Chris,
      You are my favorite cop on live PD!!
      My dad and uncles were chief
      And captain detective so I am
      From a cop family!
      I admire your coursge and concern for all people you have to deal with
      God Bless You and keep you safe always.

      Liked by 1 person

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