Kevin Lawrence of Live PD

Kevin Lawrence of Live PD

Deputy Kevin K-Law Lawrence is 33-years-old and a fan favorite of the hit show Live PD. Born in Washington, DC. Kevin attended Charleston Southern University before starting his career with the sheriff’s department in 2004. He was promoted to the community action team in 2009 and has received multiple awards for his public service which can be viewed here. When not on duty Kevin likes to listen to old-school rhythm and blues like Marvin Gaye etc. Here you go kids, Kevin is an actual role model. Never underestimate the power of positive influence.

K-Law is known for his smooth calm demeanor, fairness, and compassion. Being tough when needed and lenient on individuals deems worthy. An example of his behavior can be seen here when he needed a subject to be on the ground. Nothing like a waist-lift takedown. Here is a link to some strong belts.


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Keven Lawrence Live PD
Courtesy Live PD on A&E

Pictured on the side is a Kevin Lawrence common interaction for me, with citizens. If they are good people it usually always ends with laughing and humor. K-Law and Fastrianni pulled up on a suspicious vehicle with two men inside. As Mastrianni approached the passenger side he was nearly hit with a flying beer can thrown by the passenger. As the scene unfolded it turned out to be one of the funniest scenes for me. This was the first time I had heard a citizen use the term “Yeah, you caught me riding dirty.” Here is a link to some beer coozies to keep that beverage cold.

Another situation is where Kevin pulled up on a young black teen and immediately smelled weed coming from the vehicle. He pleaded with the young man to give up the weed and he won’t take to jail. After a few attempts, the individual finally gave it up and left the scene with a ticket only. This is the type of leniency Kevin Lawrence has shown on the show.

Social Accounts-


Twitter- @K_Law124

Phone Number- (803) 518-7980



  1. Kevin is so professional and kind. BUT, do not under estimate his kindness for stupidity. Kevin is very “street smart,” has the knowlege and ability to read a situation very quickly, and performs his duties with integrity. As a public servant, he possesses great morals, the knowlege that he works for and protects the community, and the skill to remain calm and in control at all times. I sincerely hope that he is recognized for the outstanding job which he performs, as well as any promotional opportunities… Thank you! Rae Alvalle. (801) 298-7368 – Best wishes to all of you… Thank you for all that you do. STAY SAFE!!!


  2. Congratulations to a well-deserved promotion!!! I am so sorry I won’t get to see you in Live PD , but God will continue to watch you. I live in Charlotte and you have many supporters here. We love and will continue to pray for your safety and guidance every day. God bless you sir!

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