An In-Depth Look At Stacey Lyons of Live PD

Stacey LyonsSgt Stacey Lyons; is a 33-year-old female with the Bridgeport Connecticut Police Department. She makes appearances on the hit show Live PD on A&E every now and then. In 2015, Stacey was awarded the Police Combat Cross for disarming a man without using violence after he had already shot at officers.

The show is no longer being filmed in Bridgeport as a result of Mayor Joe Ganim and certain city voices expressing concern on how the city is depicted on Live PD. He believes a city should be judged by the best it has to offer, not its worst. Many people on social media believe that the show was canceled due to an infant that died on an episode showing on Dec 2nd.


Stacey Lyons ArrestBeing an attractive police officer already has its challenges. Hours after Stacey Lyons became a star of Live PD’s inaugural episode, she was being arrested herself for domestic violence for breaking into her ex-boyfriends home and assaulting him for being with another woman. Sources have said that she thought they were still together and suppose to attend a wedding together the following weekend. Now things aren’t always what they look like, but, in my opinion, this is a clear case of her thinking she was above the law. Charges were eventually dismissed after Stacey completed a family violence counseling program.

Another Live pD scene where Stacey gained social notoriety was when she responded to a call where a woman tried blocking the subject on the ground. Stacey got on top of them and the crowd went crazy, praising her for wrestling a man and woman. After seeing the public rally behind her after this scene. I must say there is a soft spot in the publics view of female officers.

You can view Live PD Season 1 Episode 1 that aired October 4, 2016, below. She had been arrested shortly after.



Police Department- 203-576-1311



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