Tom Morris Jr of Live PD on A&E

Tom Morris JR of Live PD
Courtesy tom Morris Jr Twitter

Tom Morris Jr is a co-host, color commentator, and analyst alongside Dan Abrams of the hit show Live PD on A&E. Tom has a great point-of-view on the show and a great sense of style, making it easy to relate to him. I was unable to locate a solid age for Tom, my best guestimate is he is around 60 years old. Here is a bit of information I found on the internet about Tom.

Did you know Tom played the main character in “Death of a Salesman” Willie Loman.

Graduating from Northumberland Senior High School.




Tom Morris Jr and Sean Larkin on Live PD
Courtesy Sean Larkin Twitter

Picture of Tom Morris Jr and Sean “Sticks” Larkin.

In 1980, Tom Morris JR graduated from Norfolk State University with a BS in Mass Communications.

In 1988, Tom was in Somalia guarding the U.S. Embassy as it was being built before the civil war.

In 1993, Joined Americas Most Wanted as a segment producer and being involved with the production of over 900 episodes. Three years later he made his on-air debut as a reporter. He has also appeared on CNN Showbiz Tonight, Fox & Friends, Montel, Court TV, Maury, Nancy Grace and Entertainment Tonight. Forgive me if I did not name them all.

He has also made many guest appearances on talk shows, radio shows, schools, universities, and conferences.

In 1994, received honorary robbery squad detective award for helping capture a wanted child killer through Americas Most Wanted.

In 2006, Tom was awarded for helping abused children of violent crimes.

In 2008, Tom was a host on XM Satellite Radio’s The Capitol Hill Blues.

In 2013, on-air investigative crime reporter and correspondent on Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall on Investigation Discovery Channel. He was also a uniformed diplomatic security protective officer with Inter-Con Security.

Dan Abrams and Tom Morris Jr of Live PD
Courtesy Live PD on A&E.

Here is an image Tom posted on his Twitter admiring the attire and style of these gentlemen at a game.

Tom Morris Jr twitter



Twitter- @TomMorrisJR1

Linkedin- Tom Morris JR

Vimeo- Tom Morris Jr




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  1. Tom, we watch Live PD on Friday & Saturday nite & love the show. Where are
    Lawrence & Martseoni? It was fun watching them. Thank you very much

    Charlie & & Glenda Hardgrove

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