Deputy Garo Brown Of Live PD

Garo Brown of Live PD
Courtesy Danny Brown Twitter

Senior Deputy Garo Brown of the Richland County Sherrif’s Office is slightly a physically enhanced man. Imagine yourself sitting next to this guy, lol. I am already scared straight. He was born in Amityville, NY and relocated to Columbia, SC in 1999. Graduating from the SCCJA (South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy) as a class 1 officer in 2000.

He loves his CoffeeWhey Protein, to run, and take mirror selfies (obvious lol).

I have yet to see him on the show where he loses his cool and he seems to be a logical and forgiving man. I can see where Kevin Lawrence got his demeanor. I can’t wait for that moment when he does lose his cool though.

Garo Brown
Courtesy Danny Brown Twitter

Garo Brown really enjoys getting out and publicly speaking with community members. He is also a member of the community action team.

Drop by Garo Browns Twitter account and say hello. Just don’t piss him off, lol. Judging by his Twitter account he likes Will Smith and The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire???


Garo Brown Running Trail
Courtesy @BrownGaro on Twitter

Here is a picture of his favorite running trail. Now girls, don’t go hide out in the bushes waiting for him.


According to Garo Anii Brown’s age is 43. His birthday is somewhere in the month of November and his current zip code is 28214. He apparently has a knack for buying things online like clothing, books, gardening accessories, and for things around the house. Good for him, being a reader and gardener unless there is a woman in the house. Sorry ladies!!!! He does not have a good reputation on that site, so get on there and help a buddy out.

Garo Brown Richland CountyJudging by all of his pictures of women working out, it leads me to believe he is not married.

Folks, I believe the Richland County Sheriff’s Office has one of the best crews I have seen on the show and other law enforcement agencies need to take notice on how they handle people and situations.


Twitter- @BrownGaro

Garo Brown Twitter fan club

Richland County Sheriff’s Office- (803) 530-5735


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  1. My husband and I saw you for the first time on live PD.we were curious how tall are you and what is your weight?I hope you don’t mind me asking.thank you Ann Collins

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  2. Was just watching new spielberg movie Ready Player One. There is a character in the movie called H. He looks like Deputy Garo Brown. Even sounds like him? Check it out. My highest regard for all you officers. Be safe.


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