Sgt Denver Leverett And K9 Flex of Live PD

Denver Leverett and K9 Flex
Image courtesy of Live PD on Reddit

Sgt Denver Leverett, 39 years-old, of the Jeffersonville Police Department in Indiana poses with his current K9 partner Flex.

As everyone knows that watches the show, Denver has a unique ability in spotting lies and extracting the truth from subjects. I personally think he would be an excellent crime investigator as he has a unique ability into getting the perps to say what he wants.

Tom Morris Jr once said on the show that Denver, Jedi-mind tricks people into saying what the officer wants to hear.

On the other, hand the officer is not always right. In a recent episode, Denver spotted a suspect that was very shaky and nervous. The subject admitted smoking marijuana, but nothing else. Denver did his thing in trying to get this guy to admit he uses harder drugs, but in this case the guy was just shaking from being nervous. I personally have been that shaky when pulled over for minor offense out of nervousness.



Denver Leverett and Flex on Live PDDenver and Dutch Shepherd Flex originally from Holland, recently made an appearance on the show as guests alongside Dan Abrams and Tom Morris Jr. He stated Flex has been in the family for 4 years.

When Denver asked Flex out on set he immediately commanded the word “Bly’b” which means to sit in Dutch. He did also say that when he received Flex, the only thing he knew was to bite and ball. Most other training he did personally in which usually consisted of two hours a day, five days a week. When at home Flex loves to play with Denver’s 2 year old. Unknown if it’s a boy or a girl. You can follow a very active family member at @k9flex_jpd on Twitter. Just be careful, she bites.

According to, Denver Leverett was born on 4/15/1978. He lives in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The products he likes to buy online include books, music, tv and video, sports, and travel. I am sorry ladies, but the word is that he is married.

Denver Leverett Jedi Mind Tricks
Image courtesy of Live PD on A&E

In the picture, Denver finds a bag of drugs and asks the subject what it was. He said he doesn’t know what it is and that it was not his. Denver then asks “How long has it been since he used drugs, 3 weeks or 4 weeks ago?” The subject then said he used 3 days ago and that he used meth. Now Denver had the answer he was looking for. Tricking the guy into answering his original question.



Denver Leverett Training New k9

In this picture, you will see Denver Leverett holding a toy for his new K9 OZ, while his retired K9 Dutch plays along the fence. Oz will take over for Dutch as Denver’s new sidekick. Dutch did spend 6 years on the job and although he was perfectly capable of performing his job, his time came to step aside. This was back in 2007. I believe Oz was injured in an altercation with a subject and later succumbed to infection.

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      • Why does your post say December’s only the 8th? Anyway, “sick head”? There’s nothing wrong with the guy. He’s got a shtick. He’s very accommodating for the most part, but he’s obviously been doing this a while and picks up on things that he pursues. Good for him. It’s a dangerous job; he seems a like a good guy and loves his dog and I have absolutely no problem with him or his methods. Calling someone out because of their size is a little juvenile by the way.


    • I just have to say thank you to each and every one of you First Responders for a job well done for little money… And I wish I could say that here in Corpus we have awesome cop such as the ones that we see on live PD God bless stay safe and always remember never take anything for granted… And God give your significant others peace when y’all are out protecting your cities God bless from South Texas

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  1. Denver Leverett is an abusive officer with the same “tough guy” attitude as the criminals he thinks everyone to be. Why is it that guys who are insecure about being so small have to try to make up for it by being jerks. (Nothing but love for Flex – even though he’s not as well trained as he should be for that role). Leverett is just a jerk though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I disagree completely. He can be abrasive, but i see officer Leverett cut people alot of breaks when he could be locking them up. The Pasco County cops are really bad! They are all about jamming people up and taking people to jail for any little thing they can find. Pasco County is the opposite of what I feel police should be about keep up the good work officer Leverett

      Liked by 1 person

    • I am an attorney. He’s clearly on some sort of substantial ego trip. What good is collecting evidence to prosecute them like this? He bullies and belittles anyone he stops into worshiping him because they’ve lied to him, he outed them as a liar and he has now forgiven them letting them go Collect the evidence and if you find it, then charge them or release them altogether. STOP playing a game on patrol. His dog is outstanding. I don’t think he is a good dog handler either. I’ve had 13 dogs and he’s not a dog lover. The dog is a player in his game, that’s all.

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  2. I think Sgt Leverett is a great officer. He knows his job and he in my eyes does not abuse people he pulls over. He actually gives people lots of breaks to come clean. You won’t people like him very much. I know you would never find a police officer like that in Oklahoma City.

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  3. THANK YOU FOR COMING ON THE SHOW live PD with Flex I love watching both of you on the show Flex is fantastic to watch him check the cars for drugs and the way you question is very interesting

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  4. Denver Leverrett is the best example Ive ever seen with little man syndrome. Hes not smart about catching liars he just works in a high crime area and assumes that everyone has something to hide and with the pathetic archaic laws that we have today he very rarely is wrong. If he pulled me over I would tell him to either give me a ticket or back off – this new excuse they all use of smelling weed is lame as they are. God I wish that he could pull me over and try that lame one on me – he wouldn’t get far.


    • I completely agree. Arrest them or not but spare them and all of us watching this ridiculous half hour of some sick game. Collect the evidence and do it or don’t. PERIOD.


      • This guy is just a whack job when he called the meth head a jerk and the meth head brought up a past incident involving the man’s grandma Leverett went silent. Odd behavior for the guy who loves to have the last word. I’d like to know the true story behind this guy. I love Flex


  5. I just love Demver Leverett and his Partner Flex..They are a great team and our old k9 here in small town Liberty Indiana is retired and are noe raising money to get another and train the officer, the last one we had was a Dutch Shepherd..I think Denver is a awsome officer, wish we had one like him..

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  6. Denver and Flex are awsome.Im from Indiana, wish there was a officer like him and many others I see on Live PD, here where I live..Much Respect to all the officers.


  7. Whoa! What an amazing dog and drug whisperer! Such a compassionate ninja and Jedi!! You are a true healer and we ”need more of you and Flex! From a family that knows!!

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  8. Please I am begging you to stop making it national entertainment to show someone’s loved one lying on the ground possibly dying of an overdose. My granddaughter and I had to watch her step father and it was excruciating. She was hysterical as was I but had to put on a brave face for her. This IS NOT entertainment and it’s a sad sad day in our country and across our communities that you have turn it into entertainment for your own profit. I am starting a petition on to stop you from doing this as we all know it is for your own profit and nothing else. I commend our police officers for what they are having to deal with out there these days,but no mother should ever have to be watching TV and experience what I did last Friday night. Shame on you big fish Ent as well as A&E for making a profit off of the misery of the innocent as well as the sickness of the suffering addict.


    • Just stay on his good side lol. He gets it in for you and look out. I’m from Jeffersonville and he has a nasty reputation but I have no cause to incur his wrath lol

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  9. What ever happened to Denver Leverett? We have a club called the “ Levretteers “, and the last few weeks we haven’t seen Denver at all! What’s up with that? We need some more Denver Leverett!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wouldn’t have anyone else full me over but you even if I did have drugs lol just joking I’m an old lady living in Colorado who doesn’t smoke though I enjoy watching you on TV. Sent from my MetroPCS 4G LTE Android device


    • Please bring Denver Leverett back to life PD how many people have to ask this because I’m sure we could get this to go viral we love you show we’re going to get more Denver have a nice night


  10. I love Live PD. But I’m always disappointed when Denver and Flex aren’t on it. I am old enough to be his grandmother, but I think he is adorable–the “human lie detector”. Sorry but he makes the show.


    • I wish we had police officers like you and Tucson Arizona. But now I’m in Colorado Springs Colorado and it seems a lot better than Tucson but I would love to meet you Denver but I know that’s not possible so just know I’m watching you every Friday and Saturday that’s wrong hope you enjoyed a vacation and you will be back soon I hope…..😁🚔🚓


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