Lt. Danny Brown of Live PD

Danny Brown
Courtesy Danny Brown Twitter

Lt. Danny Brown is a member of The Richland County Sheriffs Department. He is also a member of the community action team. He appears to be a Miami Dolphins fan, but complains that he never gets to see them as they are never on the television. I believe he once worked a security detail for Dan Marino and thought Dan was a swell, down to earth guy.
I was unable to locate any personal information on Danny as his name is quite common. Danny if you read this and would like to contribute any information, please feel free to contact me.

If you are interested in joining one of the best Law Enforcement Agencies I have seen go to RCSD website here. A few you might work with are Garo Brown, Kevin Lawrence, the beautiful Deputy Kelly Smith, and Chris Mastrianni.

Dan Brown Live PD
Courtesy Danny Brown Twitter

Watching the show Danny Brown always seems to treat everyone with respect. I have yet to see any scenes where I am surprised by what he does or says. If you can think of any please comment below.

Danny seems to love many sports and way back when a what seemed to be staged pullover of newly signed Sindarius Thornwell who was wearing the same shirt he wore to sign his new NBA contract with the LA Clippers.




Danny Brown RCSD
Courtesy RCSD.Net

Mr. Brown always seems to be active in his community. If I only knew where he got all of his energy.Danny we just want you to know you have done a great job with your deputies. Keep up the good work.





Richland County Community Action Team
Courtesy RCSD.Net

Members of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department Community Action Team. Check out that Hummer in the background. I can see Sheriff Leon Lott, Mohanad Gabr, Kevin Lawrence, and Travis Roberts, in the picture.

Twitter- @Thundacat830:

Danny is very active on Twitter, swing by and say hello.

Richland County Sheriff’s Department on Facebook link.


Phone- (803) 309-5070


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