Trooper Kade Loveland And K9 Drago Of Live PD

Kade Loveland Stolen VehicleTrooper Kade Loveland of the Utah Highway Patrol can be seen frequently on the hit show Live PD. Most calls always include Drago, his K9 partner in which he has helped in making several big drug busts while on-air.

Most fans really enjoy Kade as he tries to explain all of his actions, to the viewers of the show, making it easy to understand. Some fans of the show have nicknamed Kade, Mr. Clean on Twitter.

According to Kade was born on 7/17/1990 which makes him 27 years-old. He currently lives in Morgan, Utah and seems to really love his trucks. Although, it looks like he does not prefer any certain model. Kade also seems to like hunting, fishing, and snowmobiles.

Kade Loveland Pit ManeuverIn Saturdays episode of Live PD (Aired 11/25 season 2 episode 16), Kade Loveland was showcased for a car chase he was involved in. The chase was ended when Kade perfectly executed a pit maneuver on a stolen vehicle with 7 occupants. Three were adult men and 4 were juveniles. All suspects were caught and two guns were found thrown from the vehicle. Unfortunately, for the vehicle owner, the car will not be given back in the same shape it was stolen. He did not have to bring out Drago during the stop.


Kade Loveland and Belgian Malinois Drago
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Seen in the picture, K9 partner in crime fighting Drago, he is 5 years-old and his breed is Belgian Malinois. I personally love this breed of dog as it is intelligent and athletic. According to Megan Loveland, Drago spent his first 3 years of life in Holland getting his initial training. Drago is dual certified, which means he is trained in criminal apprehension, tracking, narcotics, and evidence searching.

At home, Drago is not a big fan of treats, but loves to play with his toys. While he is not working, Drago stays at the Loveland residence and does not interact with the kids.

According to Utah Public Saftey Website Kade Loveland received the Paul V. Mangelson Interdiction Award in 2016.



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