Rebecca Loeb of Live PD

Rebecca Loeb Live PD Debut
Just before she spoke her first words on the show.

Rebecca Loeb is a twenty-seven year old deputy of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, in Illinois. According to she lives in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Other than being a full-time deputy Rebecca is a licensed attorney, continuing her education while working on the street. She must be superwoman because she worked full-time as a deputy while passing the bar exam. Not to mention, still continuing her education.

Being a highly popular deputy with the Live PD women fan base, due to the fact she is only 5’4″ tall and weighs 100 lbs soaking wet. She is also very popular with the men because she is, well, HOTTTTT.

A few fun facts; Rebecca’s favorite color is camo, she loves country music, and seems to be a southern, girly girl, through and through.

In an article on, Rebecca mentions that only 13 percent of police forces are women. I personally think it is great to see the government, force agencies to make policing safer not just for women, but for men also. She also mentioned that she would work for free because of how much fun she has each shift. I personally don’t think her position would be fun, because let’s face it, you have to deal with people at their worst. The fact of legally being able to be a dominant person and not have to worry about people getting you back, is not enough for me to be happy.

Here are a few pictures from her personal Twitter account. Enjoy!!!


From left to right and top to bottom.

  1. Rebecca on set on Live PD with Dan Abrams and Tom Morris Jr on ugly Christmas Sweater night.
  2. Rebecca asking her followers to caption this picture on Twitter with The Stresspert and Ashlee Souza (Giddy Up???)
  3. On Twitter Rebecca and a sibling in a game rivalry.
  4. Rebecca with country singer Kip Moore
  5.  Rebecca getting some rays. (Someone throw some water on her, lol)
  6. First day of shooting of Live PD.

Rebecca Loeb Moving a TV
Courtesy Live PD Show on A&E

During an altercation between landlord and tenants, Rebecca decided to move a television on her own to keep the peace. The landlord or homeowner was very combative in this scene, Rebecca for some reason decided not to arrest or charge her with anything for some reason. She did mention that she had past calls at this same address and was maybe a bit sympathetic to the owner of home.

According to; Rebecca is a Republican, Jewish, and lives in a modest home.

Sources and Contacts

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