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In a day and age where police officers are not praised enough for the job they do. Live PD (Released October 28, 2016) with hosts Dan Abrams and Tom Morris Jr. follows around officers live to show everyone, what they have to deal with day in and day out. You will see live police chases, drug deals, domestic disputes, and a lot of foot chases. Get your running shoes ready!

If you are a fan of the hit show Live PD on A&E, here is where you can relive the episodes and encounters. I voice my opinion of each scene of each episode unbiasedly. Don’t get me wrong, I believe the world without good policing would be a dog eat dog world. Hopefully, everyone will be able to see what these officers endure and what their train of thought was. In the same instance, people behind the badge are human and also make mistakes. I will exploit those mistakes here, but, I will also praise officers on a job well done. Here you can find many different types of books on policing.

Larkin interaction with WallaceIf you are not a fan of how the police are doing their job, this is a place where you can also voice your opinion. Like Mr. Wallace pictured on the left told Sean Sticks Larkin how he felt he was being wrongfully accused of being in a gang and racially profiled.

Use the navigation buttons above where you can go through each episode in Live PD Police Patrol or Live PD Rap Sheet. After the review of each episode, there will be a leave comment button where you can voice your opinion. Please and I stress please keep the comments respectful without any racial terms, bigotry, hate words, and profanity or else it will be deleted and you will be banned from the site.

This site has been created by Dale L. and all opinions are his own. Pictures have either been credited or taken directly from the Live PD show on A&E. Any info from this site can be used with approval from the site admin. All content is for informational use only. All rights reserved 2017.


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  1. I want to thank the female officer that just brought the young child home I’m not sure what show it was I was just watching it on TV I really wish we had more officers like her most people would have called CPS the mother kids mother was sick and on the big city thank you very much for bringing that child home to his family really wish you had more people like you ma’am

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  2. Only thing I have to say about al the derogatory comments about Flex and Denver are so far out of sight it is ridicuous. Unless you are in their shoes you donot know how you would react Maybe your conscious would also be involved You can tell that Flex is very much loved and taken care of Sure you have 13 dogs but really can you tell me that they would risk their lives for you

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    • it is a shame people,bad mouth the police!! they should try it!! other wise they should keep quiet!! because, one day they might need a Denver& flex!! thank you

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  3. In this day and time people think it is okay to shoot and kill police and K9 they are wrong It is about time that the country starts treating their murders as of being DOMESTIC TERROISM and there treatment should be the same as if we were trying thems for crimes committed by foreigners


    • Maybe in the future you could read the police that was killed in the line of duty during that week. In Westfield Ohio two officers were set up in 911 call and hang up says:

      Maybe in the future you could read the police that was killed in the line of duty during that week.
      In Westfield Ohio two officers were set up in 911 call and hang up


      • yes!! this is so sad,norespect for law and order officers,set up and gunned down,do the killers have a soul??or any compassion,for there fellow man??lord please,help! people have to much hate in this world,why?? I wish I knew,the cure .all around,i see it! in kids,young &old,rude,curde,no respect!!,I guess when I was growing up we did not,have time for trouble,could not watch hate,or bad movies!! by no means,were we angles,but the magicword was RESPECT and COMMON SENSE PLEASE PROTECT THE MEN& WOMEN THAT PUT THE BADGE ON EVERY DAY!! AND RESPECT THERE,AUTHORITY!! THANK YOU M J W .

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  4. Recently I saw an episode where a lady used having to give her dog his insulin. You said you didn’t know dogs can be diabetic.we lost our beloved dog to heart failure after 2 years of insulin shots. They show the same symptoms as humans excessive thirst and urination. She may have been lying, I post this once a year and have had several responses. Please be aware anything is possible. KEVANS


    • sorry,for your your loss! but I did not say this !!! you must be thinking of some one else,i had 2 dogs that had,diabetic issues,so who ever told you I said this,shame on them!!! kevans!!


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